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Extract from 'Incubus and Dreams' by Aurelio de Rose

When for the first time I came upon works of Nadia Pronina, I immediately perceived, with instinctive spontaneity, the symbology that the chromatic expressions aroused. Whole pictorial signs, realized in a complex textures, determine a representative constant of the nature-man unity, morphologically indistinct. Her artwork determines itself in a completeness of fantastic and anxious images, sometimes obsessive, both in the interlacement of body elements and in their difference, almost uniting to look for a reconciliation and dominant affirmation of their own being.

The sign begins as unconscious. Surreal visions, that have the principal source in the steady segmentation of colours. Nets of ancient memories realized in the complexity of feelings, their density is in the gestures that are combined in an absurd interlacement of embraces: memory of dreams and nightmares. Mixture of gigantic birds as symbol of migrations hoped for; intimate distortions that transform themselves, awaiting for an affirmation of survival.

Aurelio de Rose, Naples, 2003

Kiev : Nadia Pronina www.artantis.org


Born at 1956 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Art College after Repin, Chishinau, Moldova;
Stroganov Art University, Moscow, Russia.

1984 National Exhibition dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of Moldova. Chisinau, Moldova
1984 Moldavian Art Exhibition, Central Artists House, Moscow
1987 Autumn Art Festival, Chishinau
1988 International Young Artists Exhibition, Manezh, Moscow
1990 Young Moldavian Art, Sicily, Italy
1991 Collections of Sphinx Gallery, Strasbourg, France
1991 Moldavian Artists at XVII Cinema Festival, Cinema Center, Moscow
1993 The Art Myth 93 Exhibition, Manezh, Moscow
1994 Solo Exhibition. Arts Center, Clouzhe-Napoka, Romania
1997 Limba Noastra, Chisinau
1998 Sphinx Gallery. Group Exhibition. Chisinau
1999 Solo Exhibition, Coral Art Gallery. Chisinau
2000 National Art Museum of Moldova. Solo exhibition, Chishinau
2001 Solo exhibition National Art Gallery of Moldova, Bender
2001 Solo exhibition, Teraspoli
2001 Solo exhibition, Die, France
2002 Ferrara International Art Biennale, Italy, First award winner 2002 Sekanina Gallery. Group Exhibition, Ferrara, Italy
2002 Forli Art Salon, Italy
2003 Connoisseurs Gallery. Group Exhibition, Paris
2003 Incubi e Sogni. Solo Exhibition, Diapazon Art Gallery, Naples, Italy
2004 London Art Fair 2004.
2005 Solo exhibition. Coral Art Gallery, Chisinau
2007 Solo exhibition. "L'immaginario corporeo" Gallery "Studio d'Arte Croma", Rome
2007 Group Exhibition. Gallery "BNP Paribas" Troyes, France

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